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Lower your mortgage payment by up to 50%!

Yes, you read that right! If you feel that you are the victim of predatory lending, mortgage fraud or deceptive practices, Distressed Mortgage Solutions will assist you in uncovering such practices. Armed with this knowledge, we can then negotiate a payment you and your family can afford.

A long-term mortgage workout solution-NOT just a quick fix loan modification.

Forensic and Securitization audits are the answer to the rampant lender errors and fraudulent activity that plagues the mortgage industry today. Distressed Mortgage Solutions will get to the bottom once and for all. Your lender WILL become accountable for any such practices-and you and your family will stay in YOUR home, finally realizing an affordable mortgage payment!

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If you are fed up with phone calls at almost any time of the day or night, Distressed Mortgage Solutions is here to help. We will bring our decades of experience to work for you-and bring the harassment to a stop. We are your partners in negotiating a long-term and favorable mortgage solution for you and your family-and no more calls in the middle of the night!

Before it’s too late-and your lender forces the issue.

Often, lenders realize what they have done-loan “flipping” to generate fee income that is just unfair-incorrectly reported APR/interest rates, due to points charged that are concealed from you at the closing-prepayment penalties that are hidden in the volumes of paperwork often found in subprime lending documents-the list goes on and on. And your home is stripped of your equity before you know it! Distressed Mortgage Solutions is here to make certain the “buck stops here!”